Sunday, December 18, 2016

New Experiences

Of course when you move somewhere different, you are going to have new experiences; here are a few of mine since we moved to rural Alaska:

Throwing rocks on a frozen lake:

Jeff had seen a video of a guy who threw a rock on a frozen lake, and it bounced away, and make the coolest noise!  We decided to try it one day on the way back from Anchorage and it was so cool!  We went back a few days later, on our anniversary, but by that time the ice was much thicker and therefore the sound was different.  This is something to do but there's just a short window of time before the ice gets too thick or the snow covers it, muffling the sound.
Alright, I have no idea if this video is going to work...

Turning boiling water into snow:

This is another thing from the internet (we've probably all seen it).  They say if you throw boiling water outside when it's below zero, it'll turn to snow.  Well, we had a cold snap for quite a few days with temps in the negative 30sF, so we tried it!  It makes a really cool "woosh" sounds when you throw it and basically all evaporates before it can hit the ground!  Definitely cool.
If you know my hubby, you may be able to find a video of this on his Facebook....

Chopping Wood:

Seriously you guys, I have chopped wood.  Like, twice!  I need to do it more often so it can help me build some muscle back up - but I was so proud of myself!  I was outside anyway, burning garbage, so I found the ax and started chopping!

It was quite cold that day...

Of course there are other things that I've done for the first time since moving to Alaska, but these are probably about the most "Alaskan" that I could think of!

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