Saturday, July 23, 2016

March 2016

My poor phone.  I dropped it a couple of times yesterday, and it's very much in need of doctoring.  I'll take it to the phone company on Monday (I have insurance on it), and in the meantime, I've FINALLY downloaded all those pics that I've been meaning to.  Going all the way back to March...
Margaritas in Anchorage

Iditarod Ceremonial Start - Anchorage

Matanuska Glacier

Mt. Drum

Mt Drum

we finally got a deep snowfall that Jeff "had" to move...

3-21-2016 7:31 AM - looking East from our house - see the top of Mt. Drum

Jeff started researching how to set up the camera to photograph the Northern Lights

pay no attention to how blurry the photos are...

I finished a quilt!

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