Sunday, March 6, 2016

9-6-2015: Fall Colors in Alaska

So I'm trying to finish sharing photos that I wanted to share many moons ago, but never did.  I've been super busy at work ("Thanks, Obama!" she types, wishing there really was a sarcastic font...) and sometimes watching a TV show is more fun than sitting on the computer.  But for myself, I want to get my photos shared!

So here are some photos from the day after we took our bus ride into Denali; it was another long day spent travelling, driving from Denali National Park all the way back home.

um, I'm pretty sure this one is from along the Glenn Hwy...

Matanuska Glacier

from somewhere over by Denali

awesome colors over by Denali.  I took this photo from the truck as Jeff was driving.

Hey, look!  Mt. McKinley!  Or, Denali, as it was renamed...

another shot from over by Denali.  Do you see the train?

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  1. These pictures are soooo incredible!!!!