Thursday, May 14, 2015

5-8-2015: Another restaurant option!

A good thing about being married to the phone guy is that he knows when things open for the season - he's been going out and turning on phone and internet service for people and businesses lately.

Friday he turned on service for the Copper Center Lodge.  He was a good husband and didn't have lunch there because he wanted to take me to dinner there that night!  So we headed out.

I was not so sure, based on the exterior of the building:

the flowers are made from saw blades
but Jeff assured me that it was fine.  He knows what I can handle and what I can't.  He was right.

It was really quite nice!  Very clean feeling, and bright!  The owners were very nice.  The burger was juicy and tasty.  And the best part was we didn't have to cook or clean up afterwards!

It's so great to have options....   We were going to go for breakfast the next morning, but sleeping in was on the agenda instead...  Another Saturday morning instead.

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