Thursday, March 19, 2015

Just a couple of photos from the Glen Highway

We went to Anchorage last weekend, and had the luck to do one of Jeff's co-workers a favor by bringing his truck back with us.  But on the drive to Anchorage, I was the passenger, and therefore able to take a few pictures while Jeff was driving.

I got a new phone in December.  It's an LG G3, and the camera on it is way better than my last phone.  I really haven't carried another camera since I got this phone.
While the photos I took while we were going 65 MPH over frost heaves aren't the best, they look really cool after I edited them in Google Photos.
I think they look a bit like paintings...

The snow was really swirly twirly on the high mountaintops.  So much so that we saw an upside down rainbow (which we weren't able to photograph).  That swirly snow gave a very cool effect to the far away mountains.

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