Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What's been going on lately, plus more snow pictures

10-15-2014 - trees on the very west of our lot
 What's been going on?  Not much.
10-15-2014 - looking East down the road from our house
 I've been keeping busy with laundry, dishes, meals, etc.
10-21-2014 - our backyard
 I've also been watching entirely too much TV.  Gotta get out of that habit.  Gotta not be in a winter rut...
10-21-2014 - the roof of the garage
 For anyone wondering how much snow we have, that picture up there is the roof of the garage.  That's the chimney sticking out of the top, hoping that helps give some perspective.  I don't know how "deep" the snow is.  But if I were to walk in the parts of the property that are untouched, the snow would go at least up my ankle, if not higher.  I have not walked outside of the paths we already have made.
10-21-2014 - across the street to the south
We had more snow yesterday.  Really dry, light powder.  An inch or so, probably.  It was so easy to move.  Not shovel, move.  I literally just put the shovel on the ground and pushed it from one side of the driveway to the other.  So much easier than wet snow.

When I took Jeff to work this morning I saw that there was really awesome frozen fog on the trees.  BUT it was still dark out (yep, still dark at 8AM), so no pictures.  Eventually I'm going to have to just start driving around when I think that the light is right looking for pictures to take.

But not today.  Busy today.  Hopefully the busy-ness will result in some good pictures/posts soon.

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